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Inspire is a 28-day lung cleanse kit designed to clear, detoxify and condition the lungs, thereby rejuvenating the body and helping you begin to breathe freely. Inspire purifies the respiratory system, repairs lung function, and improves immunity.

Modern humans’ lungs have become the uncleaned “vacuum cleaner”. In the modern living environment: industry and smokers produce a large number of toxic substances in the air. This pollution makes human lungs and blood subject to a large degree of toxicity, causing a series of related diseases, thus endangering human life and health. The main function of the lungs is to absorb fresh oxygen, discharge carbon dioxide and exhaust gas the human body does not need. Every important energy supply activity in the body requires oxygen, and if one’s breathing is poor it can lead to various diseases in the body. The lungs are the most delicate organ in the human body: the only organ directly connected with nature, and so the external toxicity of the world invades the body through this organ.

Inspire contains organic fruits, vegetables, 9 Chinese herbal extracts and 5 trace minerals. This lung cleanse is comprised of 3 products: fermented plant syrup, fermented plant liquid, and herbal tea powder. The fermented plant syrup is both rich in selenium, and made of dozens of fruits, vegetables and precious herbs that provide deep conditioning and rejuvenation. The 5ml fermented plant liquid vials help clear heavy metals and debris from lung cells, and moisturize, protect and improve the respiratory system. The herbal tea powder features Chinese herbal extracts, trace minerals and is the best partner for improving lung Qi.

The ZenCleanz lung cleanse is helpful for people with throat discomforts, coughs and phlegm, asthma, bronchiolitis, chest tightness and shortness of breath; those who are prone to fatigue, environmental workers, smokers and drinkers. Following a mucous-free diet while on the 28-day lung cleanse is strongly suggested. Smokers are advised to cease smoking for the duration of the cleanse.

INSPIRE - 28 Day Lung Detox

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