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ZenCleanz Testimonials

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Blood sugar levels & blood pressure reduced after 2 days whilst doing Zen Cleanz One Kit


Heinz - Sacred Geometry Architecture - completed the Zen Cleanz One kit - intestinal cleanse. His blood sugar levels had been quite high for months & within the 2 days of completing this cleanse they reduced considerably as well as his blood pressure. Heinz came to me as a client & offered to share his great experience after completing the One kit

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“I have just completed the ZenCleanz intestinal cleanse that Susan recommended. All I can say is MIND BLOWING. I’ve done a lot of cleansing over the years and my diet is really good. However what came out was insane – I have never seen anything like it. I would say about half a shoe box full of mucoid plaque. It was totally gross that this stuff was living inside me. My motivation was to improve health post menopause but the added bonus was that I have so far lost 5lbs. The absolute bonus of this cleanse is that it is the easiest cleanse I have ever done. You just take enzymes and water and they taste mildly appley. It’s over in a day – I chose to keep juicing as that can increase the results. I’m so impressed with this product that I’m going to sign up as an affiliate so I can recommend to my clients. Having Susan as my up-line gives me confidence to do this as I know she is so knowledgeable”


– Rachel

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I had a fatty liver & now after 22 Forgive cleanses I am no longer passing yellow hard waxy fat! During the last cleanses the enzymes reached the thyroid area  & I feel much less scattered. I suffered from thyroid issues for many years! 
PLUS I am now able to complete more core asanas with such ease. Where as before I found it almost impossible before even when I was training as an  Ashtanga yoga teacher. I've always been super bendy . The core movements have improved 80-90%!
The liver is where your power lies  

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Testimonials for liver cleanse retreats in Algarve & liver cleanses

You are what you eat as the saying goes. I had  experienced a yo-yo-between various approaches but not really seeing any worthy results. Part of my intention was to address this issue. During the liver and gallbladder cleanse retreat I did not feel hungry.  I can notice glowing skin, weight loss and feeling more energised, the greatest benefit has been in how my consciousness has shifted.


I was overweight, had high cholesterol levels, had been diagnosed with gallstones, felt tired all the time, and my moods were particularly low. I came across Susan and after the iridology consultation, I decided I was going to go ahead with cleansing the colon and  liver and gallbladder. The results were amazing! I passed thousands of stones. From soft tiny, green ones, to bigger, more solid ones. After the cleanse there was a feeling of clarity and peacefulness. 


The benefits of doing the liver and gallbladder cleanse on the retreat were amazing.  Firstly the extra vitality and energy it brings to your body and mind is reason enough to invest in your health. This cleanse also brought me clarity of mind and improved emotional health. I felt connected and grounded. Less stressed and more mindful. The best part was a pain in one knee joint has completely disappeared.


I was amazed at the diagnosis that Susan was able to give me of my symptoms and their root causes by simply looking into my eyes. I had a sinus inflammation, liver and backache, trouble breathing, low energy and digestive issues. Susan explained that the cause was a congested liver. She also picked up on erratic blood sugar levels, under active thyroid and exhaustion in my adrenals, causing the low energy. She suggested I cleanse the colon and  liver and gallbladder along with dietary advice. I have just finished my liver flush, it was an amazing and liberating and shocking experience.  I saw hundreds of gallstones pass into the toilet, some the width of my thumb! The immediate changes I can feel are my neck and shoulders feel a lot less tense and my sinuses feel less inflamed. I will also undergo some more flushes.


This was the 8th time that I had gone through the process. Each time there is always an improvement in my overall health. After the first couple of cleanses I experienced my skin problems completely clearing up immediately.  I am still releasing stones after the last retreat.


The results of the  liver and gallbladder cleanse  have been incredible!  was shocked by the number of parasites being eliminated. I feel  strong and empowered and I have more clarity.


I had issues with my liver for the previous year as well as being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I felt so good after the liver and gallbladder cleanse retreat. The most relaxed I have ever been! I really liked this new Emma. Since the cleanse, I have quit coffee, wheat and my addiction to sugar.I am less anxious and sleep a lot better ever since. I will definitely do this again. I also had clearer insights mentally. I want to feel that chilled out all the time. Thank you, Sue. I felt very safe and knowledgeable in the hands with you.


After about 6 liver cleanses cleanses it became a stepping-stone to completely giving up wheat and dairy. I am less bloated, less prone to depressive moods, my joints feel more mobile, especially in my lower back and hips. I am running much further. I wish I had done it years ago. 


Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing. I feel energised after one week on the retreat and lost 3KG.


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Testimonials for Iridology, Naturopathy & Nutrition

I went to see Susan to help with my depression and anxiety attack and she picked from the iridology session that I may have PCOS, which I had. I was told by gynecologists that I was lucky to have one child and not to expect any more. Reluctantly I took drugs, which didn’t help. Then followed Susan’s dietary advice. Less than 3 months after first seeing Susan I was pregnant! We  had tried for 10 years.


 Susan demonstrated the relationship of the liver and spleen areas and how they related to the condition of my body, the emotions. I will now a liver and gall bladder cleanse  and change my diet by warming food and adding mild spices to get my body back into balance.


 It was the best money I’ve spent! It’s quite amazing that you can glean so much from the iris. Stopping dairy and coffee has resulted in my having a significant increase in energy and focus and my breathing is lots better too. I just feel healthier and more lively.


 I never realised you could tell so much about a person’s physical, spiritual and mental well-being from looking closely at the eyes especially when you asked me about my father and the part he played in my life. 


I was informed by my nephrologist 3 months ago that my kidney function had fallen to 20% i.e. end-stage kidney disease, and should it fall further I would have to seriously consider dialysis. Susan offered  dietary advice which I followed to the T. 1 month ago I had more blood tests and found that my function had recovered to 36%. 


I simply had no idea about my liver and gallstones and link to sinus headaches and eye pain,  IBS, back pain and asthma. After ten years of pain I’m glad to be getting to the bottom of it all. I’m looking forward to getting started on cleansing the colon and liver and gall bladder and release of anger and betrayal.


A fingertip cannot touch itself, an ear cannot hear itself, and under normal conditions, an eye cannot see into itself and so it was with wonder and amazement that I gazed into my own eye,  magnified 1000 fold.  It was like looking into a galaxy, such depth and mystery. Microcosms offer one a glimpse into the macrocosm, so it seems with the eye, the part reflects the whole.  Thus through iridology, we can learn a little more about ourselves.


My consultation with Susan was a very interesting and worthwhile reading about the imbalances within my body. Susan’s knowledge nutrition shone through which motivated and inspired me to move further forward with my health. 


 I suffered from acid reflux attack and couldn’t breathe. After following Susan’s advice from an Iridology consultation I changed my diet. I now get a proper night’s sleep. I no longer feel bloated and have more energy.


My session completely blew me away. I would never have imagined the eyes hold so many secrets related to your health and state of mind. I felt as though you read my soul and listed every single one of my personality traits without ever having met me before. I came away with so much positivity with improvements to my health. So much wisdom.


Susan kept it simple for me to understand. I got to see a side of my eyes I’ve never seen before, with beautiful images and information held within our eyes and explained the colouring of my eyes and physical ailments.  
Thank you, Susan, you’re an amazing inspiration!


I visited Sue for help with Celiac disease. Sue advised on dietary changes and now I am feeling so much more healthy with improved energy levels Sue has a fantastic knowledge of the body and has inspired me.


After seeing Susan  I have made positive changes to my diet. Susan without knowing anything about me stated accurately exactly what body was struggling with.


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