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A little bit about me

Image of Susan Laing
Image of Susan Laing speaking at a retreat

It has been  a long journey of ever evolving energetic spirals on this path of healing. I was off work for 4 years with poor health and I lost everything – my job, my house, my pets and my Joie de vivre and much more. It was like a female version of Humpty Dumpty had fallen and shattered into many pieces and all to be put back together again.

I came to discover that a lot of my symptoms were related to unresolved trauma (PTSD) and sure I went to the Amazon twice and spent time with tribes and attended all sorts of plant medicine there and all around the globe trying to find answers to my issues.

It was when I finally joined Oracelgirl, where you are assisted to connect to your own source that I managed to heal the core of the PTSD & then I discovered the power of Zen Cleanz cleansing products
I now run 3.5-4km km every day with ease & experience unlimited energy 

Susan Laing with hands in the air
Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

 I discovered Zen Cleanz which was an avenue that was able to deal with the non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and a multitude of associated health issues I had suffered from for many years. I had lost considerable weight going down to 6.5 stone, and had jaundice, not to mention my loss of positivity. The list of health issues was a long one indeed. When you loose your health you loose your life.
Health is wealth and a fatty liver has a huge impact on the immune system.

After completing numerous Forgive cleanses I am no longer passing yellow hard waxy fat from my liver! The most recent of cleanses accessed the thyroid and parathyroid area. I had suffered from thyroid imbalances for many years & it is so amazing to know that this journey of cleansing has brought me better health and wellbeing on every level which is why I run SunBEing Detox Wellness Retreats

During these retreats  I hold space  for people, & get to empower & encourage them through the most challenging aspects of cleansing for their health.
I encourage people to tap in to their natural built in internal tuning fork and help them to see where they can reclaim their internal power through cleansing and reset their health with nature.

You have the power to change up to 80% of your genetics through changing your lifestyle and mindset - otherwise known as epigenetics!

My Background & Training

  • Qualified at 3 separate Iridology Colleges and became a Master Iridologist. Trained with one of the top leading iridologists in the world.

  • Certified Naturopathic Iridologist & Certified Nutritional Healing Diploma.

  • Almost a decade of experience hosting detox & wellbeing retreats in the UK and internationally, including at the renowned Monte Mariposa Retreat in Algarve.

  • Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. I now practice intuitive yoga and teach on Cleanse retreats

  • Practiced Wild Goose Qigong for 3 years which lead me to my own self study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and food energetics which I went on to study in Naturopathy including the Chinese Five Elements

  •  Teaches on naturopathy, in particular specialises in detoxing the liver & intestines, & nutrition  

  • Certified Kambo practitioner, trained in the Peruvian Amazon with Kambo Naturista in 2018. This has assisted me in bringing the necessary skills involved for holding space during cleansing retreats and coaching, however due to all the exploitation of Kambo frogs I no longer wish to be holding space with kambo. 

  • Public Speaker at  Colleges of Nutrition and many  health festivals.

  • Basic Shamanic Dream Course with the dream Shaman Robert Moss

  • Trained in Reiki levels 1 & 2

  • Basic Counselling training

  • Spent a month with the Huni Kuin tribe and their shaman in the Brazilian Amazon 2014. This allowed me to experience how different cultures live. I also got to acknowledge  the negative  influence processed food  has Amazonian people's  health

  • Certified Podiatrist & worked in specialised clinics since 1984. This gave me experience working with many clients over the years with their health & I became aware of the biomechanics workings of the body 

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