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You are 100% nature

Welcome to

Liver Friendly Nature Food

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Learn how to creATE simple & wild nature based recipes such as wild garlic sprouted sunflower seed cheese 


The simple sunflower seed  recipe can be found in my ebook the 30 Day Raw Challenge & Love Your Liver Feel Alive.
Add liver friendly food to your daily menu to assist with a healthier liver. This type of food can give you more energy
especially after cleaning out the liver.
You can join any of the SunBEing Detox Wellness Retreats anytime! 
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"I purchased the 30 Day Raw Food Challenge Ebook by Susan Laing. I took the plunge and decided to approach one day at a time.  I was pretty amazed by the whole experience, the flavours and textures and the immediate sense of wellbeing it brings.  Food is vibration & consciousness and I could immediately feel that this was the journey to the change I had been seeking.  I managed a week and was feeling superb, burning with energy and sleeping well.  I'm not saying I'll be raw 24/7 forever at this point, but I am definitely now looking at where this way of life could take me"  


– Andy

Resolving Dampness

Fatty Liver

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I had a fatty liver & now after completing a number of Zen Cleanz  Forgive cleanses I am no longer passing yellow hard waxy fat! During the last Zen Cleanz Forgive  the enzymes reached the thyroid area.  I suffered from thyroid issues for many years! 
AND now I have an abundance of core energy.
I am now able to complete more core yoga asanas with such ease. AND I  run up to 4km per day
The liver is where your power lies!

AND I follow a liver friendly food menu  which is why I share these food recipes with you 
AND why I hold space in SunBEing Detox Wellness Retreats 

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RecipesLove Your Liver Feel Alive

Creamy Tomato Soup
Creamy Tomato Soup _edited.jpg
Thyme for Fantastic Turmeric 
Creamy Celery & Fennel Soup _edited.jpg
Hott Coconutty Courgette Curry 
Hott Coconutty Courgette Curry _edited.j
Juicy Manna Bread 
Juicy Manna Bread _edited.jpg
Chia Seed Pudding
Chia Seed Pudding .jpg
Stuffed Wild Garlic Leaves 
Sumptuous Stuffed Wild Garlic  leaves .jpg
Blueberry Tart
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Love Your Liver Feel Alive eBook & Soft back  
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More delicious recipes created from nature

The 30 Day Raw Challenge

Raw Pad Thai 
IMAGE 2023-02-04 20_01_52.jpg
5 Shades of Red Salad 
5 shades of red salad 2 .JPG
Berry Gazpacho 
Best Berry gazpacho 1 PG.JPG
Stuffed Cucumber rolls  
Stuffed cuccumber with sunflower seed cheese JPG.JPG
Kim Chi 
Kim chi .JPG
Treacle Squidgy Bites
Treacle squidy bites .JPG
Portobella Mushroom Burger 
The 30 Day raw Challenge Ebook 
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Join Susan and others at regular Raw Potlucks in the UK and abroad

Everyone brings a raw food dish to share.
You can check out more information on Facebook by looking for the group Raw Food Glastonbury

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