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"Empower You" 

60 minute sessions £60

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"Empower You"  sessions with nutritional healing, naturopathy and iridology, in person and online*

*Please note: if you have a consultation online you will need to provide very clear close up photos of the iris. Other wise body reading will replace this.

What to expect during your session?

Susan will offer iridology, body reading, including nails, face & tongue and ask you questions throughout the session. This will be followed up with tailor made advice on nutritional healing & naturopathic techniques including dietary changes, cleansing programmes & flower vibrational essences to help your body reach its optimum potential.

Susan has helped many people over the years with her wealth of experience on the path of iridology. Combined with her holistic approach in naturopathy, nutrition and cleansing, she will empower you with simple, easy to follow steps that will help you make positive changes to your lifestyle wherever you are starting from.

Image by Chinh Le Duc. Holistic Coaching sessions with nutritional healing, naturopathy and iridology
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Image by Camille Brodard
Image by Greg Rakozy

When you realise the real lies
and see with only your true eyes
When you look into the clear night's sky
and know that there is no disguise
What it truly means to be
when you look into infinity
and see that all the galaxies
are just reflecting you and me...

~ J Kingsley

An introduction to Iridology

The dynamics of the eyes hold a genetic blueprint which can reveal your core inherited health tendencies. By looking into the frontal aspect of the eye - the coloured part, the iris and the inner pupil border is like looking into a unique galaxy as each person conveys such different markings. 
Using an Iriscope which magnifies the irides up to x 80  


This is such helpful tool when you are helping someone on the road to better health and wellbeing. As it allows you to provide a tailor made advice. Each person has a different constitution and so responds to various food and temperature and methods of practice.

Tropical Background

I was amazed at the diagnosis that Susan was able to give me of my symptoms and their root causes by simply looking into my eyes. I had a sinus inflammation, liver and backache, trouble breathing, low energy and digestive issues. Susan explained that the cause was a congested liver. She also picked up on erratic blood sugar levels, under active thyroid and exhaustion in my adrenals, causing the low energy. She suggested I cleanse the colon and  liver and gallbladder along with dietary advice. I have just finished my liver flush, it was an amazing and liberating and shocking experience.  I saw hundreds of gallstones pass into the toilet, some the width of my thumb! The immediate changes I can feel are my neck and shoulders feel a lot less tense and my sinuses feel less inflamed. I will also undergo some more flushes.


My session completely blew me away. I would never have imagined the eyes hold so many secrets related to your health and state of mind. I felt as though you read my soul and listed every single one of my personality traits without ever having met me before. I came away with so much positivity with improvements to my health. So much wisdom.


My consultation with Susan was a very interesting and worthwhile reading about the imbalances within my body. Susan’s knowledge nutrition shone through which motivated and inspired me to move further forward with my health. 


To book an online or in person session, text Susan on +44 7491 084 306 or internationally through Skype

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