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Susan Laing

empowering you to better health

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Do you struggle with digestive issues, allergies or underlying health issues that get in the way of you living your best life?

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Do you want to feel a deeper sense of connection to your body's intuition and know which foods are right for you?

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Do you want to feel confident, inspired and energised by accessing your internal power through liver cleansing?

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You are nature
Reset with nature 
Take life back into 
your own hands 

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Hi, I'm Susan

I'm here to help empower you with the tools and support to overcome the things that might be holding you back so you can truly live your best life!
I am a detox specialist and I hold space for SunBeing Detox Wellbeing Retreats 

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from my background in health care, hosting SunBEing Detox Wellness retreats, iridology, naturopathy and nutrition, I inspire and teach people how to create lasting positive change from within themselves.  I am  delighted to share with you some of my favourite health tips and help lead you towards a healthier, happier, more empowered and abundant YOU!
I used to have a fatty liver and thyroid issues ,amongst many other health problems and  now I am running 3- 4km a day .
You can take a leaf out of my book and you can learn more by joining the newsletter 
Health is wealth 

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Take Back Your Power with Zen Cleanz

Smooth, easy, gentle and tasty!

These incredible products are made from dozens of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal mushrooms, all fermented for over three years, making them a powerhouse of nutrition and jammed packed full of enzymes!


Designed to work on each of the major detox pathways in the body, these easy to follow kits can supercharge your healing journey, clearing the way for you to be you! 
Click below to learn more about the cleansing power of enzymes and how to get a special discount on your first order!

EnJOY a free introductory 20 minute chat with Susan to help you decide what route to take with Zen Cleanz 

And  you can also join our SunBEing Detox Wellness Retreats which run worldwide 


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Zen Cleanz Testimonial
"I have just completed the ZenCleanz intestinal cleanse that Susan recommended. All I can say it is MIND BLOWING! I’ve done a lot of cleansing over the years and my diet is really good. However what came out was insane – I have never seen anything like it..."

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SunBEing Retreat Testimonial 
"Wow. A colon and liver cleanse using the Zen Cleanz kits, supported by Susan Laing on her Sunbeing Detox retreat. I feel undeniably incredible. A journey through toxins, sludge, low energy, inertia and brain fogging to feeling like a million  dollars!  Change what you eat & your attitude to food is a game changer. And these kits, using the latest plant enzyme technology, support that. Thank you ZenCleanse and Sue and team. "

SunBEing 7 & 8 Day Detox Wellness Retreats

Susan and the team of skilled therapists can help guide and empower you whilst you are cleansing with ZenCleanz products. Susan shares her vast knowledge and experience of cleansing, naturopathy,  nutritional healing and cellular rejuvenation.
EnJOY a free introductory 20 minute chat with Susan before joining the SunBEing Retreat to learn more about it all
The next retreat is October 18th 2024 in Betws-y-Coed, Wales on the full moon 
 & August 1st Algarve 2025 
Click here for more information and see what is included and photos of the retreat space


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease - NAFLD - has become an epidemic in todays world and around 30-40% of people suffer from it!

Did you know?

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Image by Team Easil

When you clean out your inner pipes you are creating your own life insurance 
& creating Epigenetics


e books &soft back available 

Love Your Liver, Feel Alive Ebook 

Love Your Liver, Feel Alive book is written with the intent to inspire, empower and educate people who may be suffering from poor health. The liver is considered to be the seat of the spirit.
See more images from book  Liver Friendly Food 

"I recently had the great fortune to be introduced to  the Zen Cleanz Rainbow cleanse kit which set me on the path to greater health and vitality.  This was followed by purchasing the 30 Day Raw Food Challenge Ebook by Susan Laing.  I felt I wanted to maintain the momentum because our bodies are the barometers by which we measure our reality and experience. Although I couldn't visualise eating raw food for that time,  I took the plunge and decided to approach one day at a time.  I was pretty amazed by the whole experience, the flavours and textures and the immediate sense of wellbeing it brings.  Food is vibration & consciousness and I could immediately feel that this was the journey to the change I had been seeking.  I managed a week and was feeling superb, burning with energy and sleeping well.  I'm not saying I'll be raw 24/7 forever at this point, but I am definitely now looking at where this way of life could take me.  In addition, the community around the Raw Food Glastonbury pot luck event are lovely, vibrant people, full of character and really healthy looking.  Thanks Susan for the introduction to this massive game changer." Andy

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Join Susan and others at regular Raw Potlucks in the UK and abroad

Everyone brings a raw food dish to share.
You can check out more information on Facebook by looking for the group Raw Food Glastonbury

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