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You are 100% Nature
Eat Liver Friendly Natural Food 

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Learn how to creATE simple & wild nature based recipes such as wild garlic sprouted sunflower seed cheese 


The simple sunflower seed  recipe can be found in my ebook the 30 Day Raw Challenge & Love Your Liver Feel Alive. Add liver friendly food for your liver is of great benefit & can give you more energy especially after cleaning out the liver.
You can join any of the SunBEing Detox Wellness Retreats anytime! 


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“I have just completed the ZenCleanz intestinal cleanse that Susan recommended. All I can say is MIND BLOWING. I’ve done a lot of cleansing over the years and my diet is really good. However what came out was insane – I have never seen anything like it. I would say about half a shoe box full of mucoid plaque. It was totally gross that this stuff was living inside me. My motivation was to improve health post menopause but the added bonus was that I have so far lost 5lbs. The absolute bonus of this cleanse is that it is the easiest cleanse I have ever done. You just take enzymes and water and they taste mildly appley. It’s over in a day – I chose to keep juicing as that can increase the results. I’m so impressed with this product that I’m going to sign up as an affiliate so I can recommend to my clients. Having Susan as my up-line gives me confidence to do this as I know she is so knowledgeable”


– Rachel

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I had a fatty liver & now after many Forgive cleanses I am no longer passing yellow hard waxy fat! During the last Zen Cleanz Forgive  the enzymes reached the thyroid area.  I suffered from thyroid issues for many years! 
AND now I have an abundance of core energy & 
I am now able to complete more core asanas with such ease. AND I  run up to 2.5km per day
The liver is where your power lies  

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Testimonials for SunBeing Detox Wellness Retreats

Wow. A colon and liver cleanse using the Zen Cleanz kits, supported by Susan Laing on her online Sunbeing Detox retreat. I feel undeniably incredible. A journey through toxins, sludge, low energy, inertia and brain fogging to feeling like a million dollars. Changing what you eat and your attitude to food is a game changer. And these kits, using the latest plant enzyme technology, support that. Thank you ZenCleanse, thank you Sue


I was overweight, had high cholesterol levels, had been diagnosed with gallstones, felt tired all the time, and my moods were particularly low. I came across Susan and after the iridology consultation, I decided I was going to go ahead with cleansing the colon and  liver and gallbladder. The results were amazing! I passed thousands of stones. From soft tiny, green ones, to bigger, more solid ones. After the cleanse there was a feeling of clarity and peacefulness. 


I loved the SunBEing 8 day retreat. The Zencleanz products are excellent. 

Susan's support and knowledge were awesome. It was great to have regular skype sessions with others in the retreat and to share our experiences and ask questions.

I would highly recommend the online retreat and look forward to attending another one. I'm feeling so much lighter physically and emotionally

Jessica's sacred sound journeys were magical


I was amazed at the diagnosis that Susan was able to give me of my symptoms and their root causes by simply looking into my eyes. I had a sinus inflammation, liver and backache, trouble breathing, low energy and digestive issues. Susan explained that the cause was a congested liver. She also picked up on erratic blood sugar levels, under active thyroid and exhaustion in my adrenals, causing the low energy. She suggested I cleanse the colon and  liver and gallbladder along with dietary advice. I have just finished my liver flush, it was an amazing and liberating and shocking experience.  I saw hundreds of gallstones pass into the toilet, some the width of my thumb! The immediate changes I can feel are my neck and shoulders feel a lot less tense and my sinuses feel less inflamed. I will also undergo some more flushes.


This was the 8th time that I had gone through the process. Each time there is always an improvement in my overall health. After the first couple of cleanses I experienced my skin problems completely clearing up immediately.  I am still releasing stones after the last retreat.


I was recovering from bronchitis & so I took the plunge & joined the SunBEing 8 Day Detox Retreat

Even though it was challenging, I began to sense that the cleansing was clearing gunk I had never passed before.  At the end of it all my bronchitis symptoms were gone!   

It was nice being part of a group & share our experiences
I would highly recommend SunBEing Retreats to anyone doing Zen Cleanse for the first time & also recommend it to experienced Zen Cleanzers for a deeper, less isolated and more educational experience!



I had issues with my liver for the previous year as well as being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I felt so good after the liver and gallbladder cleanse retreat. The most relaxed I have ever been! I really liked this new Emma. Since the cleanse, I have quit coffee, wheat and my addiction to sugar.I am less anxious and sleep a lot better ever since. I will definitely do this again. I also had clearer insights mentally. I want to feel that chilled out all the time. Thank you, Sue. I felt very safe and knowledgeable in the hands with you.


After about 6 liver cleanses cleanses it became a stepping-stone to completely giving up wheat and dairy. I am less bloated, less prone to depressive moods, my joints feel more mobile, especially in my lower back and hips. I am running much further. I wish I had done it years ago. 


Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing. I feel energised after one week on the retreat and lost 3KG.


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More absofruitley delicious & nutritious  liver friendly recipes created from nature 

Raw Pad Thai 
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5 Shades of Red Salad 
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Berry Gazpacho 
Best Berry gazpacho 1 PG.JPG
Stuffed Cucumber rolls  
Stuffed cuccumber with sunflower seed cheese JPG.JPG
Treacle Squidgy Bites
Treacle squidy bites .JPG
Kim Chi 
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Portobella Mushroom Burger 
Recipes from The 30 Day raw Challenge Ebook 
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Join Susan and others at regular Raw Potlucks in the UK and abroad

Everyone brings a raw food dish to share.
You can check out more information on Facebook by looking for the group Raw Food Glastonbury

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